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NephroCare premiada com o 3º lugar na EDTNA/ERCA 2013

26 de julho 2013


O manuscrito: "Impact of the therapeutic regimen on quality of life dialysis patients" foi premiado com o 3º lugar do Manuscript scholarship award EDTNA/ERCA 2013.

A nossa aposta na investigação com resultados visíveis, motiva-nos cada vez mais para continuarmos a estimular a participação dos nossos enfermeiros nestes projetos com grande diversidade temática. O fim último da nossa participação em projetos de investigação é melhorar de forma continua a qualidade dos cuidados que prestamos às pessoas doentes que confiam em nós.


Authors: Filipa Loureiro1, Ana Gomes1, Manuela Machado1, Filomena Vieira1, Joao Fazendeiro Matos2, Maria Teresa Parisotto3.



1NephroCare Braga – Fresenius Medical Care – Braga, Portugal,

2NephroCare Portugal – Fresenius Medical Care – Porto, Portugal,

3NephroCare Coordination – Fresenius Medical Care – Bad Homburg, Germany

Introduction:. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis therapy involve a number of psychosocial and physical changes that interfere with daily life. The quality of life (QoL) of patients with CKD is directly influenced by treatments, diet and drug therapy. For individualized care, identifying the impact of treatment regimen on QoL is essential. Objective: Evaluate the QoL of dialysis patients and its relationship with different parameters of care.

Method: We applied the SF-KDQoL questionnaire to 63 dialysis patients (January- June 2012). In the same period we monitored adherence to: diet and liquids control, compliance with the requirements of dialysis sessions, medication, dialysis access hygiene and haemostasis.

Results: The participants had an average QoL of 3.6 on a scale of 1 (low QoL) to 5.4 (high QoL). Patients with higher adherence were those with poorer QoL and worse health perception. We found positive statistical significant associations between QoL and health perception, a less negative view of CKD, lower impact of the disease on day-to-day life and satisfaction with care. Younger and more educated patients, with the ability to perform moderate physical activity and with more positive emotional states had higher QoL, better health perception, less negative view of renal disease and lower disease impact on their daily life.

Original Conclusion: We observed that satisfaction with care and a better health perception had a positive impact on QoL. Nevertheless, those who adhered best, perceived a poorer QoL. Therefore, we should encourage our patients to simplify the adhering process. To know the health perception of dialysis patients, their beliefs about kidney disease and its impact on daily habits, allows us to plan personalized care and more effective interventions to individual needs.

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